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泰文字游戏 F






  • [字母列表快速参考]:不知道以前的泰文字?没有阅读字母列表,你是好去。有44个辅音和10号学习。 
  • 了解如何通过沿轮廓跟踪你的手指写泰文字。别担心,如果你不知道从哪里开始,它有一个跟踪提示。一旦完成,你会听到怎样连同显示它的意义的画面发音。它也有英文单词显示如何发音。 
  • 配对与5迷你游戏,图像字母将帮助您快速记住每个字母的含义。 
  • 在这个游戏中驾驶一辆车 学习和炫耀你的赛车技巧 



Performance of Thai Alphabet Game F v.1.5 is much better

Thanks to the latest updates of the game engine we have been using to develop Thai Alphabet Game F, you'll notice much smoother game play especially the racing game.

It's FREE!

What's New in Version 1.5
++ Performance improvement
++ Added particles to a trophy when racing is complete
++ Updated URL of our website -- we've changed our homepage from to

Thai Alphabet Game (for iPad) v.1.3 is available

Thai Alphabet Game (for iPad) v.1.3 is available on the App Store

### Optimized for iPad
### This game is very good for ...

  • Parents who wants to teach their kids to write Thai alphabets
  • Pre-school kids to play and learn Thai alphabets
  • Teachers in pre-school to teach their students
  • Foreigners who wants to learn Thai alphabets
  • A great way to learn Thai alphabets for kids!
What's New in Version 1.3

  • FREE updates for all current customers. Thank you for staying with us.
  • New UI, new look and feel
  • New pictures
  • New backgrounds which is easier to read
  • Default music volume is now at 65%
  • Added a loading wheel
  • Added a link to Ake apps' Facebook Page
Thai Alphabet Game F (for iPad)

Thai Alphabet Game F v.1.5 for Android is on Play Store

Thai Alphabet Game F v.1.5 has been released on Play Store.

Thai Alphabet Game F v.1.5 for Android
What's new
  • Performance improvement -- smoother animation in a racing game
  • Added particles to a trophy when racing is complete -- You will see this update when you win the racing game.
  • Updated URL of our website -- earlier, it was pointing to Now it redirects to

Thai Alphabet Game F Review - has published its review of Thai Alphabet Game F for Android with a score of 9.4/10.0 The following is some portions of the review.
App Reviewed by apps and applications (rating 9.4/10.0)


by Dan Rubin in Android Apps

With a comprehensive platform and simple Thai language tutorials, this app avails the core Thai alphabets, letters, and numbers. The app’s discreteness provides for simple interactivity to enhance the alphabet’s writing, pronunciation, definition, and usage. Regardless of the beginners’ age and nationality, the app’s transforms you Thai learning to an impressive gaming encounter. The more you play it, the more you boost your Thai communication and expression fluency.

The best way to start learning a language is by grasping the language’s basics. Similarly, the app guides you through the recognition, writing, definition, and pronunciation of most common Thai letters.  No matter how less your knowledge in The Thai language is, you will find it easy to learn and master the 44 consonants and ten numbers while identifying standard letters by listening to their pronunciations. When you are fluent enough with Thai scripts, you’ll find a perfect editor to practice your eloquence through writing. Depending on your commitment, you’ll take time to master the language thoroughly and enjoy free flowing Thai fluency.

The game starts by providing a list of essential Thai alphabets to simplify the process of learning, practicing and writing of its scripts. The App avails five mini games platform specially made to train you through identifying, learning, and writing each Thai alphabet. Every successful letter you create comes with its audio pronunciation and a picture for depicting its meaning. As you advance to higher levels in the game, you will build your Thai speaking ability by select letters and numbers perfectly. To become a pro in this game, you must be able to maintain a standard Thai conversation.

This game comes with a comprehensive alphabet list for quick reference. The list’s learnability affords an easy way to read and understand each alphabet in the list. The game only requires a learner to master the consonants and ten numbers. An acutely sensitive app outline enable you to learn how to write Thai scripts by tracing your finger along it. The tracing hint guides you towards writing complete and correct letters. After filling out a letter, the app provides a voice pronunciation, an English explanation, and a picture meaning definition. The five mini-games images feature pairs a message to its image meaning and enhances a long-term familiarity. The game also allows users to learn the driving skills and claim trophies on each success...

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Thai Alphabet Game F Review -

TheAppTimes.Com has published a review of Thai Alphabet Game F on its website. The following shows some portions of the reviews...

Thai Alphabet Game F – A Perfect Guide to Thai Language

(April 23, 2016 by Steve August)

Thai Alphabet Game F is a cool app that helps you learn the Thai language by playing a series of mini games. The app introduces you to the most common Thai alphabets and numbers and offers help in learning to write the Thai them, while simultaneously working on their pronunciations and meanings. The app is ideal for kids and beginners, but you can also brush up on your Thai language skills if you’d like by playing the various mini games on offer.

In order to appreciate the basics of the Thai language, it is important that you start by studying the Thai letters (44 consonants) and numbers (10). The first section of the app does that by allowing you to trace your finger along the script’s outline and then learn the pronunciation of it when you’re done. You’ll also see a pictorial representation to know what you are learning. An English word translation is also available to better understand the pronunciation.

Once you’ve mastered the alphabets and numbers, you can start practicing them by identifying, learning and writing each alphabet with the help of some fun mini games. The app currently has 5 mini games in its kitty.

In the Shadow Rooster game, you will see a dark outline of an item with its Thai meaning enclosed within bouncing stars. You need to select the correct star that corresponds to the item. The Rooster game is quite similar, except that you can see the full image of the item displayed...

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Thai Alphabet Game F Review - (by Bruce Cline) has reviewed Thai Alphabet Game F for Android and iOS and published on the website.

Capture and Master the Basics of Thai Language – Thai Alphabet Game F

This game is a linguistic guide that guides you through the different idioms, alphabets, and letters in the Thai language. It avails a discrete interface that provides relevant alphabets and numbers available in Thai language, also provides an easy way to write, pronounce, and understand each alphabet and its meaning. The app is perfectly designed to suit beginners, kids, and foreigners with a simpler way to study and learn the Thai language.

To capture and master the basics of Thai language, its necessary that you start by knowing the Thai letters, how they look, how they're written, their pronunciation and meanings. Whether you are a foreigner or a native kid, you'll access 44 consonants and 10 numbers as well as mastering the important letters by listening to their pronunciations. The app also provides a user friendly interface that guides you through writing, practicing and gaining fluency in Thai scripts. With time you'll appreciate the beauty of speaking and writing the Thai language.

The game lets you learn, practice and write Thai scripts. It also has numerous Thai letters and audio tutorials with their pronunciation. To succeed in memorizing all the available letters and meanings, the app has 5 mini games tailored to train you. These platforms assure users enjoyable ways to identify and learn each Thai alphabet. Learning Thai language is as simple as playing with Thai alphabets and numbers while listen to audio pronunciation and music. As you level up, you will become a standard Thai linguist able to communicate fluently in this language...

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