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RPM Simulator is now for Android

RPM Simulator is a handy tool to simulate (visualize) and estimate rotational (angular) speed e.g. 9 rad/s, 1.5 rev/s, 26.75 rpm, 222 deg/s, etc.

It is now available on Google Play Store.

RPM Simulator for Android is a handy tool for engineers, mechanics, students and everyone who wants to see how fast the object rotates. You may be designing a machine with machine speed of 3600 pcs/h and you get the camshaft speed of 60 rpm. This tool will visualize 60 rpm for you.

When you're at the machine and would like to know the estimated RPM of the camshaft, RPM Simulator can help you.

RPM Simulator can show you how fast the gear, shaft, timing pulley, etc. rotates. Just simply enter value of angular speed in various units and see how it rotates.

When you need to estimate the current rpm of the camshaft of machine, this app will quickly give you the estimated rpm using RPM Estimation module within the app with your phone and tablet.

RPM Estimation: Tap the gear at each round of the observed object to get the estimation its rpm.
RPM Estimation
RPM Simulation: Enter the gear p.c.d. or interpret the p.c.d. as number of teeth and enter the rpm to simulate and see how fast they rotate.

Rotational speed can be selected in the following units:

  • rpm -- revolution per minute
  • rev/s -- revolution per second
  • deg/s -- degree per second
  • rad/s -- rad/s
RPM Simulation - 2 gears

P.C.D. (pitch circle diameter) can be entered in the following units:

  • mm -- millimeter
  • m -- meter
  • in. -- inch
  • ft -- foot
Gear data input

Tangential velocity (v) calculated at the pitch radius can be displayed  in the following units:
  • mm/s -- millimeter per second
  • m/s -- meter per second
  • in/.s -- inch per second
  • ft/s -- foot per second
Tangential velocity


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