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Thai Alphabet Game F Review -

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Thai Alphabet Game F – A Perfect Guide to Thai Language

(April 23, 2016 by Steve August)

Thai Alphabet Game F is a cool app that helps you learn the Thai language by playing a series of mini games. The app introduces you to the most common Thai alphabets and numbers and offers help in learning to write the Thai them, while simultaneously working on their pronunciations and meanings. The app is ideal for kids and beginners, but you can also brush up on your Thai language skills if you’d like by playing the various mini games on offer.

In order to appreciate the basics of the Thai language, it is important that you start by studying the Thai letters (44 consonants) and numbers (10). The first section of the app does that by allowing you to trace your finger along the script’s outline and then learn the pronunciation of it when you’re done. You’ll also see a pictorial representation to know what you are learning. An English word translation is also available to better understand the pronunciation.

Once you’ve mastered the alphabets and numbers, you can start practicing them by identifying, learning and writing each alphabet with the help of some fun mini games. The app currently has 5 mini games in its kitty.

In the Shadow Rooster game, you will see a dark outline of an item with its Thai meaning enclosed within bouncing stars. You need to select the correct star that corresponds to the item. The Rooster game is quite similar, except that you can see the full image of the item displayed...

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