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Flash Jigsaw - Focus-And-Tap Game FREE for iOS and Android

Ake apps and Code Bright Studio presents Flash Jigsaw, a flashing puzzle game which you have to pause the flashing sliced photo tile at the right time to make it complete photo again. The photo is sliced into 25 tiles and each one flash in different motion pattern.

The score is depending on 3 criteria, speed, accomplishment & accuracy. The game has 10 albums and each album has 10 photos. The score starts from 100,000 and decreases when the time pass by, then don't waste your time. However, please keep in mind that a number of tap is very important, if you tap more than the target (par), then you get no extra accuracy bonus. By the way, if you can complete the album, you will get the accomplishment bonus score. The goal of game is your Hi-Score & Maximum Level (album).
"This isn't just a Jigsaw puzzle. It's Flashing Jigsaw Puzzle!"
FREE Download.
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***Best Experienced with headphones
***Focus and freeze it at the right place right time

  • [Simple way of playing] -- Just tap to pause the jigsaw at the right place right time. It's very easy to play.
  • [Fun with Different flashing motion patterns] -- Stay focused, the flashing patterns are not the same.
  • [Challenges] -- Test yourself, how far you can go and how maximum is your score.
  • [Unlimited Gameplay] -- Love it? Play as many as you want and share with your friends.
  • [Game Center]
    • Leaderboards : Compete with others all over the world. There are 21 leaderboards to compete.
      • Hi-Score : See your ranking. Who has the higher score points?
      • Total Score : Show the world if you play it very frequently and get the highest total score points.


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