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Monster Mix Evolution FREE for iOS and Android

Ake apps and Code Bright Studio proudly present Monster Mix Evolution Game. It is a Swipe-and-Evolve Puzzle Game.

It's a puzzle game which you mix the same monsters by swiping a monster to others and they evolve to next level. Each mixing (evolution) gives you score points. However, please keep in mind that a monster or a rock will be randomly added into the field after every swipe. The goal of the game is your Hi-Score. Keep mixing until there is no move left.

FREE Download.

FREE Download Monster Mix Evolution for iOS

FREE Download Monster Mix Evolution for Android

"This isn't a match-3 puzzle. It's a match-2 puzzle with combo chains!"


*** Best Experienced with headphones
*** Plan for COMBO chains and you'll love it
  • [Simple way of playing] -- Just swipe a monster to start mixing. It requires only 2 monsters to mix. It's so easy to play.
  • [Tutorials] -- Quick and short tutorials and you'll learn all necessary information.
  • [Fun with Combo Chains] -- Plan your move ahead and swipe to get a combo which gives extra score points.
  • [Discover New Evolution] -- Test yourself, how far you can go.
  • [Challenges] -- A monster or a rock spawned after each swipe.
    • Be careful: you have to hit a rock 2 times so that it explodes.
  • [Unlimited Gameplay] -- Love it? Play as many as you want and share with your friends.
  • [Monster Dancing] -- A monster dances while you play
  • [Game Data Saved] -- Your progress can now be saved and restored for continue playing if you updated it to version 1.6+
  • [Game Center]
    • Achievement: Collect all evolution badges
    • Leaderboards: Compete with others all over the world. There are 2 leaderboards to compete.
      • Hi-Score: See your ranking. Who has the higher score points?
      • Total Score: Show the world if you play it very frequently and get the highest total score points.


Space scientists have discovered a simple way of monster evolution by mixing 2 monsters of the same type. They both merge and change their types to next level. The evolved monster still has a momentum. It continues moving in the same direction after evolution. With a good planning, the monster may continuously mix with others. This is called a combo mixing which gives much higher score points than normal.

Mixing (Evolution) Rule is simple. Just follow the alphabetical order..

Monster A + Monster A = Monster B
Monster B + Monster B = Monster C
Monster C + Monster C = Monster D

Each evolution gives you score points. Mixing high-level monsters gives you more score points than the low-level i.e. Monster C + Monster C give you more score points than Monster A + Monster A.

Plan your move ahead and swipe a monster for a combo.
Show everyone how far you can evolve them!


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