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Sweet Mix Evolution FREE for iOS and Android

Ake apps and Code Bright Studio happily present Sweet Mix Evolution, a puzzle game which you mix the same sweet tiles then they combine into one higher level tile. Each mixing (evolution) gives you score points. Try to make a chain reaction combo to get an extra bonus score.

However, please keep in mind that a sweet tile or a chunk of cheese will be randomly added into the field after every swipe. The cheese can be destroyed by mixing sweet tiles twice near it, then it will be exploded and you will get back space. The goal of game is your Hi-Score & Maximum evolved tile. Keep mixing until there is no move left.
"This isn't match-3 puzzle. It's match-2 puzzle with combo chains!"
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App Preview: Sweet Mix Evolution Game


***Best Experienced with headphones
***Plan for COMBO chains and you'll love it

  • [Simple way of playing] -- Just swipe a sweet tile to other same sweet tile to start mixing. It's very easy to play.
  • [Tutorials] -- Quick and short tutorials then you'll learn all necessary information.
  • [Fun with Combo Chains] -- Plan your move ahead and swipe to get a combo then you will get an extra score points and space back.

  • [Challenges] -- Test yourself, how far you can go.
  • [Unlimited Gameplay] -- Love it? Play as many as you want and share share with your friends.
  • [Game Center]
    • Achievement : Collect all evolution badges
    • Leaderboards : Compete with others all over the world. There are 2 leaderboards to compete.
      • Hi-Score : See your ranking. Who has the higher score points?
      • Total Score : Show the world if you play it very frequently and get the highest total score points.


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