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Alphabet Shots Game Preview

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Images and Words | English Vocabularies and Images Pairing Game

Images and Words game is a casual educational flashcards matching game which trains your memory and tests your English vocabularies.

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The rule is simple... Just select and flip over two cards, trying to find a match between an English word and an image illustrated its meaning. Both cards disappear and you'll get score points if they're matched. Otherwise, just try flipping another pairs. You may cancel card selection by simply tapping the same card. There are 4 board sizes to suit your preferences. The smallest board size has only 6 cards. It's a good start for beginners where you will enjoy learning new words with less time constrains. However, you can change to any other boards at any time to get more challenges. The more difficult level you play, the more score points your will get.

There aren't any limits for number of flips, so you can flip cards as many as you want. But be careful, if time runs out the game is over, so…

Alphabet Shots | Educational Brick Breaker

Alphabet Shots is an educational game about a cute nerdy pig on pig planet and there are so many other pigs joining him. The nerdy pig likes to throw a ball and let it bounces against walls. This time you help him aim and he will throw balls to the direction you chosen to break all bricks. There will be English vocabulary quizzes to test your knowledge. Sometimes it's difficult to explain. Let's watch the video clip and try it yourself. Alphabet Shots game is available on both Google Play and the App Store (iOS).
Alphabet Shots: Fun way to encourage learning English vocabulary by playing brick breaker game.

Nerdy Pig Throwing Balls
Help the cute nerdy pig to break all bricks before they reach him. Aim and shoot balls to break bricksand collect coins. Your goal is to break all English alphabet bricks and pass the vocabulary quiz for earning extra coins.

Coins = Scores , so collect them as many as possible to compete with your friends and all other players all over the world via Google Play Game Service. Don't forget to check your ranking and achievement from the buttons on menu screen.

You will never play alone. Someone is watching you, have you noticed that?

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Come join us. Let's Play and Learn.
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Alphabet Shots game uses graphics and sound effects from many resources. You may find more details in the credit section here.