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Number Shots | Cute and Challenging Brick Breaker Game

Number Shots is a challenging brick breaker game. It tests you how you plan each shot. Every shot counts. Show the world how good you are. Don't underestimate challenges of this game by its look. Though the main character is a cute little fox, but you may find it's challenging as you progress. If you're good enough you'll be able to win this game. Let's see how far you can go. This game is available ONLY on Google Play.
Plan, Aim and Shooooooot!
Help the cute nerdy fox to break all bricks before they reach him. Aim and shoot balls to break bricks and collect coins. Your goal is to break all bricks and get coins

Coins = Scores , so collect them as many as possible to compete with your friends and all other players all over the world via Google Play Game Service. Don't forget to check your ranking and achievement from the buttons on menu screen.

Come join us. Let's Play and show your skill.
Download Number Shots Game NOW.

Number Shots game uses graphics and sound effects from many resources. You may find more details in the credit section here.


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